In Short Kbot is an IRC bot written in PHP its main strength is serving pugs (currently for NS, CS and CSS). So at the moment its primary function is probabbly going to be used as a PUG BOT. Keep in mind that many plugins can be added to kbot.

NOTE: Kbot only works on PHP5, but the previous windows fd problem has been worked around so it now works on Windows.

About the project

Well, Kbot has been developed over several years as a means to an end. It was build because of a requirements and it was continually developed because of new requirements so the source is really somewhat not clean and there are areas which could certainly live with revising. However it works and has been stably running for months without problems on some servers. I finally deciced to open source it beecause i felt others could use it and improve on some of the areas inside it which were done in a rush style as i no longer have a great amount of time.

If you use it

If you want to use it, its open source go ahead but i would much appreciate if it you droped me an email at Khaless _AT_ bigpond _DOT_ com
Just so i can see it going and say hello to the guys that are using it :)

Sourceforge Summary Page (Download from here)


Changes From 1.0 to 1.1

* Added !type command to pugs. This can change pugs from captain to random while the pug is in state open
* Added !extend command (only usable by ops). Resets timeout to 15 mins
* Improved the !voteban (ingame) command to not only allow STEAM ID but a closley matched name aswell.
* Added the !teams (ingame) command to list the teams on either side.
* Added the !get command (ingame)
* Added the !rounds command which can set the amount of rounds to be played per half
* Updated Config, pugRounds now is a CSV field. First value is default.
* Added additional IPC code, should work under WINDOWS now and should bypass the windows fd blocking issue.
* Cleaned up additional code and removed errors also furthered more to php 5.
* Added config check to initialize.php, it will only run if it finds a valid real config file. Else it will now exit.